Behind every product of ours are Piia Aaltonen and her family. All our products are hand-made on our own small farm. Already at a young age, Piia’s dream was to move away from the city and into the country and nature. Luckily this dream has since come true, and at the beginning of this millennia we bought a piece of land and built a home and farm for ourselves and for our animals. Our entire family participates in taking care of the animals and business. There all kinds of chores from cleaning the pen to setting up market stands as well as modeling four our products.

The wool we use is from our Grey Finnsheep and the feathers are surplus feathers from our landrace chickens. We feel it is important to preserve this old breed of chickens, which at a time was even endangered. We also cherish hand crafting traditions while simultaneously creating new design. We draw inspiration from the nature around us, and this is why our products stand the test of time. Treating animals well and providing them with great conditions is self-evident to us. By using our own materials we know each and every phase of our production.

- Piia