We raise sheep of a native Finnish breed call Grey Finnsheep. Their lambs are always born black and the wool starts to turn gray already at a very young age. The head and legs usually stay black. Some sheep may turn brown or stay completely black. Wool is an important material to us, so we favor the ones with softer wool, not forgetting all their other great properties.

Our sheep get to go outside all year round. The spring lambs of our ewes Tilta, Manta, Unelma and Princess Mononoke are usually born in January. They all graze throughout the summer over natural pastures or by thinning out our birch forest. They are shorn each spring and autumn. Even the small lambs grow their wool so quickly, that it’s good tho shear them already in autumn.

During spring and summer we are selling ewe and ram lambs, and you can ask for their availability directly from us.

You can find out more on how our sheep are doing on our Facebook page.