Onneli fluffy wool yarn

Vuonue Onneli is super soft and 100% Finnish wool. Fluffy yarn is treated very gently so it still contains wool's natural lanolin. Onneli is perfect for big, fluffy hats and other winter accessories. Also suitable for Icelandic sweaters as a replacement for Lettlopi. You can add lanolin to dyed yarns with Vuonue's own wool shampoo. The popular Rauma sweater is made from same weight yarn as Onneli. You can download the pattern to the Rauma sweater for free on the website of the city of Rauma.

Oneneli yarn has a small twist to it so it will not break so easily.

*If you continue using the same color skein after one is used up you can join the ends of the yarn together by rubbing them together between your hands instead of tying them together.  

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