Finnish wool yarn

From Vuonue you will find 100 % wool yarns and yarns with tencel, wood fibre, added to them to add durability and strength to the yarns, both kinds of yarn can be found in a few different weights. All the wool we use is Finnish, mostly very soft Finn sheep and Kainuu gray wool.

The production of yarns has started from our own sheep wool, but as production grows, we have also started to buy wool from many other sheep farms. Finnish sheep farms are small and the care of the sheep is of high quality. Finnish wool yarn is an ethical and ecological choice, and that is why we want to promote a wider use of it. By using Finnish materials and labour as much as possible, the origin and conditions remain easily traceable.

Quick guide on how to change the yarn of the pattern to Vuonue yarns:

Wilhelmi and Elsa = all where the thickness is fingering (100g = approx. 400m)

Pentti and Tilta = all where the thickness is DK (100g = approx. 230m)

Manta and Onneli = in Icelandic knits to replace Lettlopi or all patterns where the thickness is Aran / Worsted (100g = approx. 180-200m)

Unelma = in Icelandic knitwear to replace Alafosslopi or all patterns where the thickness is Bulky / Chunky (100g = approx. 120m)