We use high-quality wool from our own little farm and from other nearby lamps. All Finnish wool does not end up being used and a large part of the sheep farms have to destroy their wool. We are actively working on this issue and we collect wool from many farms and pay to the lampers fair compensation for their work.


The wool is sorted and cleaned by hand. After that we send it to the Pirtin Kehräämö, which manufactures yarn for us. Then all products are knitted by hand, so all production is from start to finish in Finland and for the most part in our home farm.

Our spring lambs are born in late winter or early spring and grow over summer on a pasture. In autumn they are shorn, and this first wool is picked for yarn for our beanies. This makes the end result wonderfully soft. Some of the natural lanolin is left in the yarn, so it is dirt and water repellent.

Buttons crafted from juniper or pompoms dyed with plants act as decorations for our beanies. You can order hats and beanies easily from our online store.

Woolen socks and mittens can be found on our market stand or you can order them by contacting and asking us directly.